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Massimiliano Dendi
Founder & CEO

Master in Strategy at SDA Bocconi and more than 10 years of experience in management consultancy, leading Business Performance Improvement, Risk Management and Organizational practices. Industries of expertise: Food&Beverage, Luxury, Sport, Media, Construction, Private Equity & Real Estate. He founded One Factory to simplify the transformation of ideas in business, successfully.

Giulia Crosazzo
Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager

After working in Africa for an NGO, she worked in consultancy for almost 5 years, centering her experience around Business Performance Improvement and Risk Management practices. Industries of expertise: Big Retail, Construction, Luxury, Media. She is particularly interested in social issues and local development, integration and multiculturalism.

Margherita Melita
Marketing & Product Development

After starting her career as a consultant, she has then broaden her expertise in project management and marketing, balancing out her academic background in Design and Management Engineering. Industries of interest: Hospitality, Luxury, Communication&Media, Fashion and Social Entrepreneurship.

Alessandro Asaro
Business Analyst & Corporate Finance
After completing his academic career in Finance and Business, interspersed with an experience in the insurance sector, he has worked in consulting concentrating his experience on Risk Management. Sectors of interest: financial intermediation, construction, sport.