Sustainable shoes
Advanced green fashion technology

The fashion industry, like any other, cannot ignore its environmental footprint anymore. In a world where the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, Yatay represents the future.


Yatay creates shoes that embrace the environment through ethical practices and innovation without compromising on design. Yatay uses recycled materials as cereals, wood, plastic bottles and tyres in the production of its shoes. Sustainability is not only about the materials (wholly sourced in Italy), but also about their provenance. The sneaker is totally made in Italy by master shoemakers in the Italian region of Marche. Furthermore, Yatay assures sustainability also by choosing suppliers that rely on renewable energyin the production cycle.


On the heel of each pair of shoes is embossed aunique numberwhich represents the key to all of Yatay’s environmental commitments, that go beyond simply making sustainable shoes. Indeed, for each customer who enters the code on the website will be planted a tree, in order to offset the carbon footprint emitted to create each pair of shoes.


OF supports Yatay in the fundraising phase aiming at getting the finance needed to start the internationalization process.

International growth