A digital journey in the Italian wine world
Wine Subscription Service

Sommelier Wine Box is an innovative startup, first mover in the Digital Wine Market, a still young market in Italy, but already capable of showing all of its unexploited potential.


The business runs on a subscription service, the first of its kind in Italy, in which the user receives straight to his door 3 sought wines every month. These wines are chosen by a different, renowned sommelier every time, on the basis of a precise enological theme. The idea is to accompany the customer on a guided tour in the Italian wine world, discovering small, hidden gems otherwise not obtainable through big distribution means.


After 2 years of success, with more than 90 wineries involved, 800 and plus customers, and significant growth, Sommelier Wine Box is now ready to scale and expand both in Italy and abroad.


One Factory is supporting Sommelier Wine Box in the obtainment of a seed round of investment, which will be used to support and accelerate geographical expansion as well as the introduction of new business lines.

Business Modeling & Planning
Investment Round