Sustainable and aware daily food choices
Food Impact

Planth is an impact first entrepreneurial project born in 2020, with the aim of raising consumers awareness of the non sustainability of the current dietary habits due to the impact they have on health and environment. Shifting consumers consumption preferences from animal-derived to plant-based food products is hence the only possible solution to prevent the degeneration of an already critical situation.


What mainly detaches Planth philosophy from the strict vegetarian and vegan food choices is that Planth does not intend to demonise the consumption of animal derived food products for ethical reasons, but instead to raise consumers awareness of the impact of daily food choices,  and to support their transition towards a more sustainable model.


Despite its predominant social focus, Planth remains an entrepreneurial project, whose purpose is to brand a range of accurately selected plant-based food products, which will be distributed through different channels, amongst which Mass Market Retailers.


One Factory supports Planth in the definition of its long term strategic direction and in business modelling activities, in the structuring of its business plan and of future developments, and takes the Project Manager role, coordinating and streamlining the activities of the different actors involved.

Business Modeling & Planning
Strategic PMO