Sustainability in sport development
Sport & Sustainability

More and more people are getting into Padel, a sport that is accessible to many, inexpensive and fun. Also, like many sports, it has a strong social component and allows you to keep fit.

Padel is experiencing a period of exponential growth in Italy, where from 10 courts in 2014 it has increased to about 1800 in 2020. Despite the positive trend, the infrastructural gap still remains wide when compared to Spain, where padel has become the second national sport after soccer.

Padelife was created with the aim of bridging the infrastructure gap in Italy and Europe through the spread of a replicable format that provides for the construction of multiple courts with a sustainable approach, but especially with a strong focus on the social and inclusive component of the sport. Padelife proposes itself as a reference brand in the world of padel also through the creation of its own clothing line.

One Factory supports Padelife in the realization of the material to support the preparation of a Business Plan aimed at obtaining a loan from major financial institutions for the Italian growth and subsequent international expansion.

Business Plan