Midwifery for Knowledge
Digital Education
Maieutical Labs was born as an innovative start-up in 2011 focused on the development of B2B and B2C products in the Ed-Tech area. His intent is to develop digital solutions dedicated to the educational path that involves students and teachers, evolving the paradigm on which education in Italy is focused until digital becomes a valid and more effective alternative to traditional media. The products have immediately gained success both among the direct users (teachers and students), and between the industrial partners (publishing houses, institutions, foundations), knowing how to offer an experience, “digital first”, innovative and suitable to the change that the educational sector is undergoing. Considering the potential, Maieutica Labs is now looking for investments to finance and accelerate the development of the digital business line (Academy). With Cicero, he gives life to the first adaptive tutor in Italy for the translation from Latin, in collaboration with the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation and MIUR. Develops Cloudschooling, an online platform of 12 adaptive tutors for the 1st and 2nd grade secondary school, which is licensed exclusively to the Zanichelli Spa Group. In 2015 it gives life to Alatin Academy, the first online platform for learning Latin inspired by Mastery learning, which in less than two years marks a + 600% of users, + 600% turnover and a retention close to 90%. In 2019 the range is expanded with Itaca, the Italian Academy, which faces a market that is almost 10 times the size of the Latin market. One Factory is supporting Maieutical Labs in defining the medium-long business development plan period, in terms of growth and value creation, preparatory to the investment round to support and accelerate the development of the digital business line.