Customizable Suits
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“A suit allows a woman to feel empowered, independent and feminine all at the same time.”

Hebe Studio is a brand of beautifully crafted suits for women, 100% Made In Italy, based on traditional male tailoring – but with a fun, fresh and feminine twist.

In September 2016 the brand launched the online shop and presented their collections of suits: “The Hebe Suit”: color and fabric combinations are the core characteristics and the designers’ vision is that of glorifying a woman’s independence, elegance and femininity, yet never neglecting the practicality required for her daily routine.Stylists and designers should be an inspiration without imposing their own creativity. This is what the brand had in mind when they decided to bring the design process closer to the consumers, letting them express their style and personality and making them interact with the product they like.

In March 2018, Hebe Studio welcomed a new way of customization through its new 3D Tool on the website, and by downloading from Apple Store the application “The Hebe Suit”: the consumer is able to choose among styles and customize colors, fabrics, details and textures, exploring each and every angle of the personal design before any final decision.Thanks to this technological advancement and a person’s own creativity, the combination possibilities are pretty much endless.

One Factory is now supporting Hebe Studio in searching for the right partners interested in empowering the potential through the Round A of investment.
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