Product Sharing Platform
Food & Beverage
Crowd Coffee is an Italian startup (2016) that produces and sells coffee capsules through an innovative system, integrating the effectiveness of “product sharing” experience and the powerful of “network marketing” business model.

“It is a network of users who love the product and share the experience: a way to have coffee for free while making money, if you desire.”

Fully digital and vertically integrated, after just 1 year it is already replicated in Brasil and Spain and is now approaching other interesting and high potential markets.

From Seed to International development

Business Modeling

Creating a unique business proposition that revolutionizes the classic “network marketing” model, synthesizing sales into the sharing of a link and making instant the experience.


Innovation Management

Design and development of a platform that assures a total digital experience to the client, full control of the network and transparency.

Interim Management

Set up of the headquarter in Italy and internationalization through the development of licensing and partnership models.

Vertical integration through the development of a dedicated production plant.

Brand development at global level and set up of the commercial structure in Italy.

Achieved Objectives
clients reached
capsules produced and sold annually
active countries