Eco-friendly restaurants
Food & Beverage

Avo Brothers is the flagship brand of A.B. &Co., a company active in the food & beverage sector thanks to the development of catering formats that follow emerging market trends.


Avo Brothers bases its mission on the concept of “flexitariana” diet, flexible and only 80% vegetarian, with a particular focus on avocado, which plays the role of star ingredient of their menus. Avo Brothers also places a strong focus on sustainability by developing completely plastic free and eco-friendly restaurants.


Since April 2020, A.B. &Co. has joined the Avo Brothers brand with Blackout Burger, the first dark kitchen brand to have introduced plant-based “meat and fish” in Milan. The objective of A.B.&CO is to develop both brands on a national and international scale.


One Factory supports A.B.&CO in the research and obtaining of investment rounds, to support and accelerate the development of new business lines and geographical expansion.

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