A digital experience in the furniture rental world
Furniture Rental

Johix is the first Italian, B2B and B2C, Marketplace which allows its customers to rent furniture and equipment with a full digital experience. The company was founded with the aim of creating value both for renters and end users. The rental market, which has been growing double-digit since 2015, has not exploited its potential yet, due to the lack of a digitalized approach to support supply and demand. Thanks to its digital tools, Johix has the opportunity to renew the industry as well as dynamics of the intersection between supply and demand, no longer aligned with the needs of rapidity the market requires.

Today, the furniture rental customer experience is characterized by a high fragmentation and inefficiency of the service.

Johix intercepts dispersion of the demand between customers and renters through a platform that offers the widest range of products available on the market:

  • it digitizes processes by reducing response times for the formulation of offers and the conclusion of contracts;
  • reduces the physical distance between customer and hirer, guaranteeing lower logistics costs and transport time;
  • provides value-added services that the traditional hirer is not able to offer (guarantees, digital payments, evaluation systems).

Moreover, Johix leverages on skills and know how developed in years of renting management to position itself as enabler of big companies that, riding sharing and circular economy trends, want to introduce the rental formula in their commercial offer.

One Factory is supporting Johix in the validation of its business model and in the definition of the medium-long term development plan.  At the same time, One Factory has assumed the role of Project Manager in an important pilot project, crucial for the development of B2B business line.

The activity that One Factory carries out for Johix aims at accelerating the business to reach a first round of investment.

Business Modeling & Planning
Investment Round
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