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YOLO is the first Italian group that offers services and solutions, including technology, for the insurance market and which carries out the insurance brokerage activity totally and exclusively though digital instruments. YOLO allows you to  real time access and sign the products of the major insurance Groups operating nationally and internationally and is the ideal partner for insurance companies that need to distribute products through the digital channel or solutions in the Mar-Tech area, both for large industrial and financial groups interested in developing their own offer on the insurance market.
Maieutical Labs
Maieutical Labs was born as an innovative start-up in 2011 focused on the development of B2B and B2C products in the Ed-Tech area. His intent is to develop digital solutions dedicated to the educational path that involves students and teachers, evolving the paradigm on which education in Italy is focused until digital becomes a valid and more effective alternative to traditional media.

The products have immediately gained success both among the direct users (teachers and students), and between the industrial partners (publishing houses, institutions, foundations), knowing how to offer an experience, "digital first", innovative and suitable to the change that the educational sector is undergoing. Considering the potential, Maieutica Labs is now looking for investments to finance and accelerate the development of the digital business line (Academy).
RD24 is the first Italian, B2B and B2C, Marketplace which allows its customers to rent furniture and equipment with a full digital experience. The company was founded with the aim of creating value both for renters and end users. The rental market, which has been growing double-digit since 2015, has not exploited its potential yet, due to the lack of a digitalized approach to support supply and demand. Thanks to its digital tools, RD24 has the opportunity to renew the industry as well as dynamics of the intersection between supply and demand, no longer aligned with the needs of rapidity the market requires.
Sommelier Wine Box
Sommelier Wine Box is an innovative startup, first mover in the Digital Wine Market, a still young market in Italy, but already capable of showing all of its unexploited potential. The business runs on a subscription service, the first of its kind in Italy, in which the user receives straight to his door 3 sought wines every month. These wines are chosen by a different, renowned sommelier every time, on the basis of a precise enological theme. The idea is to accompany the customer on a guided tour in the Italian wine world, discovering small, hidden gems otherwise not obtainable through big distribution means.
Hebe Studio
Hebe Studio is a brand of beautifully crafted suits for women, 100% Made In Italy, based on traditional male tailoring – but with a fun, fresh and feminine twist. In September 2016 the brand launched the online shop and presented their collections of suits: “The Hebe Suit”: color and fabric combinations are the core characteristics and the designers' vision is that of glorifying a woman’s independence, elegance and femininity, yet never neglecting the practicality required for her daily routine.
The Coffy Way
The Coffy Way is a company that, born from years of experience in the portioned coffee sector, has developed a new way of selling coffee capsule and thus propose them to the market. The mission of The Coffy Way is to offer a new experience to the consumer, guiding him towards a conscious consumption of a quality product, in a path that begins in the selected plantations and ends with the taste on the palate of an excellent coffee drunk comfortably at home. The Coffy Way aims to quickly become an industry leader in Italy and is already exporting its format abroad.
Crowd Coffee
Crowd Coffee is an Italian startup (2016) that produces and sells coffee capsules through an innovative system, integrating the effectiveness of "product sharing" experience and the powerful of "network marketing" business model. "It is a network of users who love the product and share the experience: a way to have coffee for free while making money, if you desire." Fully digital and vertically integrated, after just 1 year it is already replicated in Brasil and Spain and is now approaching other interesting and high potential markets.
AS Roma
AS Roma, born in 1927, is an Italian football club based in the city of Rome that plays in the Serie A championship, the highest level of the Italian football pyramid and usually also in the UEFA Champions League. It is one of the three italian soccer teams listed in the stock market. 
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Specialized in the construction of complex projects with more than 110 years of experience, operating in over 50 countries with 30,000 employees and a turnover of more 6 Bln €, the Group leads infrastructure projects dams and hydroelectric plants, hydraulic works, railways and metro systems, airports and motorways, civil and industrial buildings.
A project entirely designed by One Factory that aims to re-define the purchasing experience and the service model addressed to the end consumer in the home appliances industry. It is in the middle of the seeding phase, defining the fundamentals and the strategic partnerships necessary for its development, looking around for potential financial and industrial investors interested in speeding up its start up development. Go to market: 2019.